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Refractory materials, casting agents and additives

Refractory materials

Because temperatures during iron and steel production can reach 1700 °C, the refractory lining of several plant systems (blast furnaces, converters, ladles, etc.) must be able to withstand the harshest of conditions. High-tech refractory materials with extreme strength and high heat resistance are used by voestalpine to provide high levels of stability during the wear-intensive production of iron and steel. The refractory material purchased worldwide by voestalpine Rohstoffbeschaffungs GmbH includes finished products such as rock and bulk materials and other refractories used in magnesite bricks that are produced in the company-owned brick-making plant.

All materials that withstand temperatures of at least 1000 °C for long periods of time are classified as refractory materials.

Casting agents

Fluxes and casting powders are required primarily in continuous casting plants in order to both reduce the amount of heat loss from the steel and to avoid inclusions in the slabs.


Additives such as lime and raw magnesite function primarily as absorbers of harmful chemical elements in the steel and binders of such elements in the slag.