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Coal and Coke

Coal is the second most important raw material used in the production of hot metal and serves as a source of carbon in metallurgical processes. The industrial steelmaking process requires the conversion of coal to coke. This process is carried out in the coking plant, where a special mixture of coal is super-heated under hermetically sealed conditions. The volatile constituents of the coal are expelled and pure coke remains.

Several chemical processes are necessary from the time the ore enters the works and the steel is finally produced. The conversion of coal to coke is only the beginning. The volatile constituents of the coal are released from the coking chambers, intercepted and purified. They are then implemented as valuable fuel gas in the integrated metallurgical facility. The coke, with a degree of purity of roughly 97%, is used to reduce iron ore. This base product provides a broad spectrum of further processing possibilities and thus forms an important foundation for the manufacturing of high-quality steel products in the voestalpine Group.

The coke requirement is largely met by in-house production. The coke procured from other sources is purchased in the Czech Republic and Poland.