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Technique de soudage de rails & meulage manuel

Le soudage des rails et le meulage manuel font partie intégrante de l'entretien des voies et des nouvelles constructions

Joint-welding of rail in tracks and turnouts

In order to produce a seamless, continuous track, rails are welded in track, turnouts and crossings using different welding methods in the course of new construction measures or rail and turnout renewals. It is important to use the right welding process as well as the right welding consumables, depending on the rail grade and rail profile. voestalpine Track Solutions Germany GmbH, a company of voestalpine Railway Systems, has decades of experience in rail welding of all common rail profiles and steel grades. The company offers the following rail welding processes as a service:

  • Aluminothermic joint welding of rails
  • Electric-arc welding of rails using flux-cored wire and/or electrodes

Build-up welding and repair welding of rail in track and turnouts

As part of regular rail maintenance in embedded grooved rail track it is common to perform build-up welding in track, turnouts and crossings. This so-called build-up or deposit welding extends the rail service life and thus postpones costly rail replacement. Single operational rail defects such as wheel burn, breakouts and other surface defects are corrected by repair welding. voestalpine Track Solutions Germany GmbH offers the following welding processes:

  • Submerged-arc welding with electronic parameter logging
  • Electric-arc welding using flux-cored wire and/or electrodes

Manual rail grinding in track and turnouts

As an integral part of rail welding (joint welding, build-up welding and repair welding), it is necessary to grind the welded area to the required target profile. For that and for other rail maintenance measures (such as initial rail grinding, deburring, re-profiling or corrugation removal) hand-guided rail grinding devices are available.

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