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W21 rail fastening system

W14 type rail fastening system is designed for C category railway lines according to PN-EN 13481-2:2017 standard, with a maximum permissible axle load of 260kN and minimum curve radius of 150 meters.

This rail fastening system is provided with a rail pad of medium static stiffness equal to 80±20 kN/mm. Due to the mid-loop of the SKL21 clip, which is mounted over the rail foot, this rail fastening solution is characterized by additional flexibility. This eliminates the possibility of overloading the clip arms and their plastic deformation, as well as prevents rail rotation. The use of different design of the Skl21 clamp, compared to Skl14, translates into the higher clamping force in the rail fastening nod of >20 kN. The system meets the PN-EN 13481-2:2017 standard requirements.

Features and Advantages of W21 Type System:

  • Installation, all of the components can be pre-assembled to the sleeper before taking it to the construction site
  • The construction and characteristic of spring clip Skl21 reducing rail rotation running through a narrow track curves
  • High rail resistance value to longitudinal displacement, preventing the dangerous rail deformation on contactless tracks
  • Use of different widths of Wfp21 angled guide plate enables horizontal adjustment within the ±5 mm range
  • Interchangeability of all fastening components
  • 100% compatibility with W14 rail fastening system when mounting on the same prestressed concrete sleepers
  • Material of the rail pad: TPU
  • Possibility to use anti-thief screws with a triangle head shape