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W21 rail fastening system

The W21 rail fastening system is designed for category C and D according to EN 13481-2, with a maximum permissible axle load of 260 kN and a minimum curve radius of 150 metres. 

This rail fastening system is provided with a rail pad of medium static stiffness of 80±20 kN/mm. This rail fastening solution is characterized by additional flexibility due to the center loop of the SKL21 clip, which is mounted over the rail foot. This eliminates the possibility of overloading and plastic deformation of the clip arms and prevents rail rotation. The use of a different design of the SKL21 clamp compared to the SKL14 results in a higher clamping force in the rail fastening node of >20 kN.

The system meets the requirements of EN 13481-2.

Technical aspects of the W21 fastening systems:

  • Typical application - High speed and conventional rail with concrete sleepers on ballasted track
  • Axle load - max. 260kN
  • Speed - for HS ≥250km/h, for CR ≤250km/h
  • High rail longitudinal resistance - min. 9kN
  • Electrical resistance ≥ 5 kΩ
  • Clamping force for SKL21 (nominal) - min. 10kN
  • Gauge adjustment in the range of ±10mm
  • Rail pad material: TPU, PUR foam, EPDM, elastomers
  • Possibility to use anti-theft screws with triangular heads
  • All components can be pre-assembled in the sleeper factory