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PHOENIX MDS ECM Environmental Condition Monitoring

ECM (Environmental condition monitoring) measures environmental wayside conditions.

Adapting Operations to Environmental Conditions

Railway operators need to ensure a safe and reliable operation in all environmental conditions. The function Environmental Condition Monitoring (PHOENIXMDS ECM) is an all-purpose solution that delivers accurate data for preventive warnings. Especially on bridges and open areas strong crosswinds can rapidly change and endanger operations. The system can also observe the wind stream conditions in tunnels. During a tunnel fire, the rescue team prepares themselves by knowing the direction in which smoke and toxic gases flow. Passengers are evacuated using the safest way out. In deserts, a threatening situation arises from wind driven sand or dust. It obscures the view and the sand build-up on top of the rail may rise to a level where safe train operation is at risk. Therefore, it is necessary to be warned in time in order to be informed about the danger ahead.


  • Safety management of railway operations during heavy weather conditions
  • Operator's interventions to manage train speeds
  • Warns the operator about heavy rain and expected flooding
  • Safety management during passenger evacuation in tunnels
  • Longitudinal airflow measurement in tunnels
  • Precise wind force and direction measurement at every wind speed
  • Rain fall and sandstorm measurement
  • Rail temperature and noise measurement
  • Robust system withstanding salty mist, pollution or icing
  • Redundant system concept with two sensors
  • High availability of 99.98%
  • No mechanical moving parts