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PHOENIX MDS DED Dragging Equipment Detection

Dragging Equipment Detection (DED) monitors the undercarriage of passing trains for dragged parts using accelerometers.

Detection of Dragging Equipment

Train equipment such as couplings, chains or hoses could be dragged under the train damaging the infrastructure. The function Dragging Equipment Detection (PHOENIXMDS DED) protects humans alongside the track, crucial fixed assets such as switches, crossings, ETCS balises or signals against these kind of damages. When components are being dragged with a train, DED generates an alarm to traffic control or to the train driver in real-time to limit consequential damages. Alarms are generated at user-defined tolerance levels. The system provides information about the position of the dragging equipment at the train, the side where the impact was detected and the severity of the strike.


  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Low maintenance, durable solution
  • Customized alarm thresholds related to impact level and speed
  • No violation of the clearance gauge
  • Adaptable to any track gauge
  • Wood, concrete and steel sleeper mounting possible
  • No influence on regular track maintenance
  • Fits all rail profiles
  • Asset protection of infrastructure equipment
  • Safety management of railway operations
  • Detection of dragging equipment
  • Increasing availability by mitigating risk of consequential damages

Technical Specifications:

Strike detection: Up to ±500g
Measurement signal:   4 to 20mA current loop
Input voltage:   15 to 35V DC
Environment: -40°C to +70°C
Ingress protection of sensor housing: IP67