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PHOENIX CMS Central Management Software

PHOENIXCMS  is a central management software for analyzing, interpreting and presenting the diagnostic results in real time.

PHOENIX CMS Central Management Software

The Central Management Software PHOENIXCMS is composed of intuitive software applications for the daily diagnosis and management of assets, which at the same time provide information for long term business improvements. This facilitates users to perform specific tasks such as maintenance planning and train control more effectively. The innovative and high capacity software architecture handles various equipment, protocols, data and processes in real time and displays them in intuitive software applications in a user-friendly format to the customer.


  • Platform independent software structure
  • The modular concept guarantees a secure basis for future demands and developments
  • Flexible scaling – from single PC up to a cluster
  • Straightforward operator interface
  • Other diagnostic systems can be integrated
  • Addresses for alarm notifications via e-mail and/or text messages can be configured freely


Asset Management - The asset management application enables access to predefined dashboards and reports that give insight into the performance of railway assets. This allows you to prioritize and validate potential technical improvements and process enhancements.

Alarming and Intervention - With the alarming and intervention application, key personnel such as traffic controllers, track managers and infrastructure maintainers are actively informed about deviating and adverse situations before an impact on safety or availability is present.

Condition Based Maintenance - The condition based maintenance application provides maintenance personnel with real time asset performance and condition data. This gives the opportunity to schedule maintenance pro-actively before service is disrupted by failures.

System Supervision - Using the system supervision application the status of each function can be monitored and analyzed. Deviations are reported to allow for timely repair or service.

Control of Auxiliary Systems - This application provides a concentrated solution for handling wayside auxiliary systems that allow the operator to review status and react accordingly.