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PHOENIX CMS Central Management Software

PHOENIXCMS  is a central management software for analyzing, interpreting and presenting the diagnostic results in real time.

PHOENIX CMS Central Management Software

The Central Management Software PHOENIXCMS is composed of intuitive software applications for the daily diagnosis and management of assets, which at the same time provide information for long term business improvements. This facilitates users to perform specific tasks such as maintenance planning and train control more effectively. The innovative and high capacity software architecture handles various equipment, protocols, data and processes in real time and displays them in intuitive software applications in a user-friendly format to the customer.


  • Platform independent software structure
  • The modular concept guarantees a secure basis for future demands and developments
  • Flexible scaling – from single PC up to a cluster
  • Straightforward operator interface
  • Other diagnostic systems can be integrated
  • Addresses for alarm notifications via e-mail and/or text messages can be configured freely

Decision Support Applications

System Supervision - PHOENIXCMS System Supervision offers infrastructure managers a convenient overview of the sensors connected to the system. The current status and specific detailed information of the systems support service, maintenance and monitoring of the infrastructure to provide measurement functions for traffic controller and dispatchers.

Alarming & Intervention - PHOENIXCMS Alarming & Intervention offers dispatchers and traffic controllers an overview of the current events of all measurements of the train crossings. Alarms, measurements and information on train journeys are prepared and made available to support safety and availability, and to enable operational decisions in the event of deviations.

Fleet Condition Monitoring - PHOENIXCMS Fleet Condition Monitoring is an application for fleet managers and maintenance engineers. It enables the clear presentation of the entire fleet condition and, at the same time, offers comprehensive detailed views of individual components such as bogies, axles, engines, or wheels. In addition, the application enables the tracking of historical measured values of individual components. Configurable algorithms permanently monitor the status of the fleet and automatically alert the responsible maintainer in the event of deviations. In this way, the application directs the user's attention exactly where it is needed.

Reports - PHOENIXCMS Reports offer the amount application supervisor or management to analyse the historical data that has been collected by the application in a comfortable way.

Administration - PHOENIXCMS Administration enables administrators to manage users, roles and rights. It provides the possibility to manage infrastructural assets and connect the application with external interfaces that provide measurement data. The possibility to view certain information or interact with the application can be assigned to configurable user groups. The module allows the administrator to control the information flow within the applications itself as well as to external recipients, for example via E-Mail or SMS.