Signaling Product Training - Basics

Signaling & diagnistic and monitoring systems, small parts



  • Campus Sainerholz
  • Philipp Loos
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In the free one-day seminar at Campus Sainerholz, we offer our guests a comprehensive overview of the product portfolio of voestalpine Signaling Sainerholz. This refers to drive and turnout locking technology in freight, high-speed, mixed and local traffic (suburban and underground railway systems). Of course, our small parts products, diagnostic and monitoring systems, as well as control and safety technology are also presented here. The handling, application and functionality of the products are always explained in practical examples.
  • Small Parts
    • Cable bonding and fixation
    • Systems, rail drilling machines
    • Setting force measurement tool
  • Signaling
    • UNILOCK SystemS
    • PHS 1601 Point heating control system
    • V-COM2 Vehicle communication
    • UNIAC[2] Axle counting system
  • Diagnostic and monitoring systems
    • RML 4.0 on UNISTAR HR

Freight, high-speed, mixed and local traffic (suburban and underground railway systems)

Price: Free of charge