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Floor beams

Structural system for the solution of ceiling or floor beams made of thin-walled C sections completed with an array of braces, rods, angle clips and anchor shoes.


Structural systems METSEC – a name you can trust and which is a synonym for efficient solution of secondary steel structures of hall constructions. Our existing results include thousands of successful deliveries of purlin systems for halls of various use and with the size ranging from several hundred square meters to huge logistic and shopping centers.

  • Light and elegant structural solution with high bearing capacity.
  • 50% of weight savings when compared with standard beams.
  • 30% of cost savings when compared with standard beams.
  • Software for statics calculations and creation of production documents.
  • Technical support
  • Easy and fast assembly.
  • Sections are packaged and delivered to the construction site according to customers‘ demands.
  • All sections are individually marked according to customers‘ demands.


The sections product line includes 47 sizes of C sections. Sections are completed with wide array of accessories such as braces, rods, angle clips and anchor shoes.

All the sections are made of S450GD steel with the basic surface protection formed by hot-dip galvanisation of weight Z275. In the case of demands on higher weight of the galvanised zinc surface, we are able to provide the coating Z600, Z800 and Z1000.


Floor beams are designed as plainly supported beams or continuous beams across two bays.
It is possible to make the design of purlin and cross bar systems through the design table or the design programme METSPEC12 EC.


Statics software designated for the design of purlins, cross bars, gutter girders, ceiling beams, pressed and drawn components made of C sections and gable pillars.

Statics design of ceiling beams are carried out in compliance with following standards:

  • EN 1990 a EN 1991-1-1 Design principles and general loads -
  • EN1993-1-1 EN1993-1-1 Design of steel frames (general rules)
  • EN 1993-1-3 EN 1993-1-3 Design of steel frames – thin-walled and plane sections.
  • Design is carried out in compliance with national appendices.

METSPEC12EC is available for our customers and partner design companies for free. In order to get the installation CD, contact our sales representatives or contact us.


Designing of production documents is supported in programmes TEKLA STRUCTURES and ADVANCED STEEL.

For users, who do not use the above-mentioned programmes, there is a software METCAM created by us and library of details in the format dwg.

In order to get the installation suite of METACAM programme, contact our sales representatives please.