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Our team at voestalpine Böhler Welding with the brands Böhler Welding and UTP Maintenance offers solutions to the oil & gas upstream, midstream, and downstream segments based on high quality welding consumables to ensure safe, efficient, and cost effective operations of production equipment and plants.

Offshore welding consumables

Offshore welding consumables

Oil & Gas Upstream (more details)

Under the roof or our brand Böhler Welding we provide high quality low-hydrogen consumables for the welding of high strength steels used in drilling units or offshore cranes, corrosion resistant alloys used for subsea and top side processing applications and low alloyed consumables for the welding of pressure control equipment. 

In addition to joining applications, we also have an expertise in cladding, offering high quality nickel-base wires for the hot wire GTAW process and the most advanced solutions in electroslag strip cladding.

Mobile Drilling Units
Hull construction: 
  • unalloyed and low alloyed welding consumables  
  • Quenched and tempered High strength steels: low alloyed welding consumables for the welding of high strength steels from ABS EQ43 up to ABS FQ70.
  • Jackup rigs legs: Stick electrodes, metal cored wires and submerged arc welding solutions for the assembly of chords to racks. Low Hydrogen welding consumables designed to prevent hydrogen induced cracking.
  • Tendons : low alloyed welding consumables for the welding of X70 tendons structural pipes
Drilling Equipments
  • BOPs and connectors
    • Complete 4130 and F22 welding consumables range for body to flanges and outlets to body welding 
    • Nickel based welding consumables for the cladding of seals and internals mechanical components
  • Risers
    • Overlay solutions for the cladding of pin and boxes of risers
    • Robotic welding solutions for the welding of 4130 pipes found in choke and kill lines
    • Submerged arc welding solutions for assembly of main pipes of risers
    • Duplex and Super duplex welding consumables for the welding of communication pipes
  • Pumps, Valves
    • Strip cladding overlay solutions for the cladding of ball valves with outside diameters superior to 16 inches.
    • Nickel based solutions for the hot wire TIG cladding processes used for the cladding of seat valves, valve internals.
    • Nickel based solutions for the robotic MIG cladding process used for the cladding of ball valves.
  • Drill String
    • Hardbanding flux cored wires for tool joint hardfacing, casing friendly
  • Production String: 
    • Wellhead: nickel base cladding solution for wellhead cladding
    • Flow lines: joining and cladding solutions for clad pipes and unalloyed pipes (from X52 up to X100)
  • FPSO
    • Turret/Swivel stack: nickel based consumables for the internal cladding of swivel, using the hot wire TIG process as well as the strip cladding electroslag process.
    • Separators: single layer nickel based strip cladding solutions for the cladding of three or two phases separators.
    • Top side processing : low alloyed and high alloyed range for processing equipment (high strength steels, stainless steel, duplex and Super Duplex welding consumables).

Oil & Gas Downstream

Onshore welding consumables

Oil &Gas Downstream (more details)

We have more than 30 years of experience in the production of welding consumables for critical process equipment (CPE) and furnace tubes for demanding applications. 

Amongst others, we provide best-in-class CrMo and CrMoV welding consumables, fulfilling and often exceeding the requirements of relevant API recommended practices, the applicable codes, as well as the specifications used in the industry. They feature excellent toughness at low temperature, high resistance to temper embrittlement, creep resistance and all the needed mechanical properties. We supply weld overlay solutions for a wide number of alloys, including innovative single layer and high speed strip cladding, with proven corrosion resistance and disbonding properties. Last but not least we provide well referenced solutions for centrifugal casting tubes, with filler metals matching the base material grades.

voestalpine Böhler Welding offers welding consumables for a wide range of application in the Oil&Gas Downstream plants. Main equipment where we supply highly referenced solutions is listed here below.

  • Refinery
    • Distillation towers
    • Heaters
    • Coke drums
    • Fractionators
    • Hydrocracking reactors
    • Hydrotreating reactors
    • Hydrodesulphurization reactors
    • Heat exchangers
    • FCC units
    • Evaporators
    • Storage tanks
    • Reforming units
  • Gas Processing Plant
    • Slug catchers
    • Separators
    • Mol Sieve reactors
    • Amine reactors
    • Fractionators 
    • Storage tanks
  • Petrochemical Plant
    • Cracking furnaces
    • Quenching units
    • Fractionators
    • Storage tanks
    • Chemical reactors
    • Heat exchangers
    • Agitators
    • Scrubbers

And also piping systems, pumps and compressors, valves which are present in all the plants.

Welding Consumables for LNG & LPG


(more details)

With our brands Böhler Welding and UTP Maintenance we also offer welding consumables for the construction of LNG, LEG, LPG production equipment, regasification equipment, transportation and storage units.

Welding consumables play an important role in the construction of an LNG project. High quality products are major factors that contribute to the safety and cost efficiency of the building of an LNG- plant; materials and structures must meet the most stringent specifications. A variety of materials are used for LNG plants, such as carbon steels, stainless steel, 3.5% to 9% Ni steels and aluminum. Nickel base and austenitic welding consumables are used in cryogenic applications in order to comply with the high ductility and strength requirements at low temperatures. voestalpine Böhler Welding offers a complete portfolio of specialized products available for the main welding processes SMAW, SAW, GMAW and FCAW, with the required qualifications, certifications and documentation which meet the demands from the industry.


voestalpine Böhler Welding offers consumables for a wide range of cryogenic applications for the welding of:

  • LNG, LPG production units: liquefaction trains (Chillers, heat exchangers, filters, valves, compressors…), LNG pipelines and storage tanks (stainless steel, 9%Ni steel, aluminium)
  • Regasification trains
  • Cryogenic gas transport: LEG-, LPG- and LNG-carriers, tanker trucks and rail tank cars

Onshore Pipelines

Oil & Gas Midstream

 (more details)

voestalpine Böhler Welding offers also a full range of consumables for the welding of low and high strength, stainless, duplex, super duplex and corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) pipes, meeting the highest requirements in transportation and distribution pipeline projects. 

This includes solid wires, flux and metal-cored wires and self-shielded flux-cored wires for semi and fully mechanized welding processes, as well as submerged wire / flux combinations and GTAW wires & rods that offer outstanding welding performance and mechanical properties. Manual metal arc electrodes are manufactured with cellulosic coating systems or with basic, low-hydrogen coating systems suitable for vertical up and down welding.