Hammer-forging press

Safety to the third power

We are your partner when high mechanical stress has to be considered and highest reliability under aggressive environmental or ambient conditions is demanded.

Premachined casing hanger

Production from one source

From steel production to forged product completion, we preform every step in the production process at our own plants. We take responsibility into our own hands, and we ensure that our customers get end-to-end quality assurance. We check and document the quality of our products at every point in the production chain.

Premachined tubing hanger

Open Die Forgings

Our open die forgings are characterized by the tightest tolerances and big dimensions. In our state-of-the-art plants, we produce drawing based forgings weighing up to 40 tons. We have many areas of expertise, including the production of impellers, disks, and shafts for compressors or gas turbines; tubing and casing hangers for wellheads; and components for Christmas trees, separators, pumps and valves in rough-machined condition.

Rotary Drillbit ©Sandvik

Closed Die Forgings

Precision and ruggedness, as demanded, for example, in the case of drill bits or gas lift mandrels, characterize our closed die forgings. The products we develop together with our customers have proven successful under the toughest operating conditions, and they are excellently reputed all over the world.