Villares Metals, Sumaré, BRA

Villares Metals is a company with products and solutions involving special steels and alloys. Since 2007 it is part of the High Performance Metals (HPM) Division of voestalpine Group. 

With its high quality products, Villares Metals is one of the leading partners to the automotive, aerospace, tooling, oil & gas, energy and capital goods industries.

Villares Metals provides customized products, components and services dedicated to demanding applications and requiring special properties. We make a difference providing maximum production flexibility, technical expertise both for standard products and developments, several qualifications and high quality standards.

Exports to Europe are exclusively handled via Villares Metals International B.V., located in The Netherlands (Dordrecht).

Special stainless steels & Nickel base alloys

Duplex & Superduplex series: 1.4501 (F55)/ 1.4507 (F61)/ 1.4410 (F53)
Precipitation Hardening series: 1.4545 (15-5 PH)/ 1.4534 (13-8 Mo)
Special stainless steels: Alloy 254 (6Mo)/ Alloy A286/ Alloy 20 /XM19 (UNS S20910)
Pure Nickel alloys: Ni 200 (UNS N02200)/ Ni 201 (UNS N02201)
Ni-Cu alloys: Alloy 400 (UNS N04400)
Ni-Cr alloys for corrosion resistance: Alloy 625/ Alloy 825/ Alloy C276/ Alloy 617/ Alloy C22
Ni-Cr alloys for high temperature: Alloy 718/ Alloy 600/ Alloy 800/ Alloy 80A/ Alloy X750/ Alloy 725 (UNS N07725)/ 925 (UNS N09925)

Product Range Availability

  • Rolled peeled bars from Rd 20,00mm to Rd 170,00mm
  • Forged bars up to Rd 400,00 mm (*)
  • Wire-rod from Rd 5,00 to Rd 17,46 mm

(*) For some alloys grades diameters available up to Rd 600mm

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