Explore voestalpine's USP for the Oil & Gas industry

With its broad range of materials and products, voestalpine has an outstanding position as a supplier for the Oil and Gas industry. No matter if you need heavy plates, castings, open or closed die forgings from special alloys, Ni-based alloys or Titanium, forged or plates. Seamless tubes for OCTG or construction pipes, welding consumables or shaped wire. Even powder and 3D wires for additive manufacturing – voestalpine offers the whole package.

Distributed and final machined in all Oil and Gas hotspots around the world. Global service, local delivery. Explore the wide range of voestalpine materials and products in our brand new video: 

Interactive portfolio app

If you want to deep dive into our offerings, feel free to use our interactive portfolio app. Starting from your application, you can explore, what we can do for you. Learn more about our products with more videos, photos and detailed slide decks. Click here for access to the online portfolio app.

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We are more than happy to discuss new solutions for your daily business and even long term solutions. Doesn't matter if it is a new material, a never before used material and application combination, or even a new way to optimize your supply chain. 

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