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LORD-Nortrak Bonded Special Trackwork Direct Fixation Fastener

The LORD-Nortrak direct fixation fastener series features fully vulcanized rubber bonded direct fixation fasteners designed to fit all special trackwork configurations.

  • Unique fixed shoulder design eliminates maintenance under traffic
  • Adjustable bolt throught the bottom plate design improves fastener life and reduces stress
  • Uniform fastener height, stiff ness and cant throughout the special trackwork to eliminate transitions
  • Available in standard, medium and high attenuation versions

Features and Benefits

  • Over 40 years of service performance in the US and Asia
  • Integrated guard rail and swtich roller designs
  • Eight plate sizes to ensure optimal fit with all special trackwork configurations
  • adaptable for use with on wood and concrete crossties in addition to standard slab track applications
  • Provides excellent electrical isolations against stray currents
  • Design allows seamless use with various rail sizes, and gauges