Efficiency in serial production

compacore® full-faced bonded lamination stacks have revolutionized electric motors. They consist of voestalpine premium electrical steel combined with a new, full-surface bonding process. The innovative voestalpine development sets new standards:

  • Guaranteed electromagnetic characteristics of the stacks
  • Energy efficiency and improved motor characteristics
  • Economical large-scale production

Based on compacore® Backlack  

At voestalpine, the special compacore® Backlack is applied in liquid form to the entire surface of the electrical steel strip in a very thin layer (thickness down to one tenth of a hair). The baking varnish hardens during heat treatment. The innovative heat treatment during the manufacturing process activates adhesive strength.

Inline production as an innovation  

The compacore® lamination stacks are produced entirely inline using a single tool. The punched lamination stacks are bonded across the entire surface in the tool without impairing the effectiveness of the insulation layer. The airtight bonding ensures that the baking varnish protects the individual lamination stacks against corrosion, reduces power losses and prevents the motor from developing frequency humming. Noises caused by vibrating laminations are a thing of the past. A specially developed inline measurement system makes it possible for voestalpine to measure and guarantee specified electromagnetic properties. Especially in more delicate components, compacore® offers new geometrical design possibilities. Large components can be produced using this technology in a highly stable manner.

The benefits are convincing.