The future at work in innovative premium electric vehicle component design

The voestalpine Group has helped shape the future of e-mobility by networking materials and processing expertise and by placing a great deal of emphasis on research and development. The solutions for lightweight design, innovative components and automotive systems are very convincing with respect to excellent balance of weight, safety, functionality and cost. In the field of e-mobility, they push the limits of what is feasible.

As a material for e-mobility, steel is economical and ecological

The high-strength steels developed at voestalpine are highly convincing as ideal base materials for e-mobility solutions. They help reduce weight and offer new dimensions of safety. They are more economical to manufacture than other lightweight materials and easy to form. The technical and economic benefits in highly developed steels are important, but steel as a material also scores well in lifecycle assessments. The production of steel requires less energy than aluminum, for example, and steel is 100% recyclable in contrast with carbon materials. A strong argument when one considers that the drivers for promoting e-mobility lie in the environmental sector and in our responsibility for the future.

Our expertise and technologies

Highly functional components

The basis for forward-looking solutions is our comprehensive material and processing expertise that we provide from a single source. This is a solid foundation for the innovative spirit of our researchers and developers. The result is components and systems that set standards with respect to their technical properties in the field of e-mobility: from component design, prototype production and tool construction to the series production – all around the world.

Our products

flextric – modular battery box system

flextric, the modular battery box system allows simple, quick and economical achievement of high-safety battery boxes for for lightweight automotive design of any size and in any production volume. The basic components are the innovative, high-strength special steels of voestalpine for lightweight automotive design. Up to 30% weight reduction, excellent crash performance and fire safety are benefits of flextric

compacore® lamination stacks

compacore® full-faced bonded lamination stacks guarantee the best electromagnetic and improved motor properties. Further advantages of the laminations stacks manufactured using voestalpine premium electrical steel in a new, full-surface bonding process include greater freedom of design, reduced motor size and economical serial production suitable for large-scale production.

Lightweight design – crash-relevant components and modules

When it comes to economical lightweight components, the specialized companies of the Metal Forming Division are your preferred manufacturing partners. They offer unrivaled expertise in the forming and joining of high-strength steels into crash-relevant components, but also with regard to other materials such as aluminum or hybrid design solutions.