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Fast even without a magic potion

2017-08-01 | 

Do you remember? Asterix in Egypt: Cleopatra wanted to build a palace for the Roman emperor Caesar. Construction period: 3 months. – Change of location: Transdanubia Speditions GmbH gave itself only one month more to build a new deep freezer warehouse. But without a magic potion.

Speed and reliability are two significant elements in the selection of logistic partners. This also applies for construction projects which tie the grid of the logistic performance tighter. The comic-strip heroes in far Egypt were able to implement their ambitious project on time due to Gallic help and a number of kettles of magic potion; Transdanubia Speditions GmbH chose experienced helpers for realizing their new construction, among them the rack construction specialists from voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH.

Starting postion

A continuous positive sales development in the deep-freezer industry is also announced for Austria: 2015 closed with a plus of nearly five percent. The performance of the deep-freezer industry is above average – a circumstance which allowed logistics service providers such as Transdanubia Speditions GmbH in Pasching near Linz, Upper Austria, continue their growth.

Warehouses for refrigerated and frozen products are crucial in the expansion of logistical hubs especially in food logistics. Transdanubia decided to build another deep-freezer warehouse near Linz, the capital of Upper Austria. Project manager Herbert Rezsucha summarizes the starting position pointedly: “Our consisting deep-freezer warehouses were operating at full capacity – therefore we built a new one.” More than 14,000 pallet bays on 5,300 m³ were created; half of the storage area had to be built within four months.

Hand in hand

Speed and reliability are the criteria by which Transdanubia chose the companies for constructing the new warehouse. The cooperation with rack construction specialists of voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH was obvious. Rezsucha: “We were confronted with a limited timeline and already knew voestalpine from previous projects which were completed to our utmost satisfaction.”

Stefan Schott, project leader at voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik, and his colleagues developed their plans in close cooperation with all involved parties: “We received the order at the end of August and immediately started off with all necessary calculations in order to provide the needed data for the local construction companies to cast the base plate.” The integration of the deep-freezing aggregates and the organization of the assembly of the isolating panels had to be discussed with the refrigeration supplier. They should be fixed on the shelves in continuous construction progress – a successful procedure.

Advantage of a complete package

In retrospect Herbert Rezsucha can emphasize: “The involved companies complemented each other in a perfect cooperation. At the beginning of September the excavators were brought in – when the base plate was set up the assembly of the racks and the isolating panels began immediately.”

Despite challenges of limited time on a winter construction site voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik did not need a Gallic magic potion. The company scored instead with the “magic formula” of optimal coordinated internal processes. “As we offer all steps from one source - from project planning to production and assembly - our project course is eased by fewer interfaces”, Stefan Schott explained. Material and processing times can be determined in advance and are available on time even if there is a tight calculated timeline. “Our first truck approached the construction site on November 2 and the first construction phase was realized according to the agreement in week 49.” The successful handover took place in the last few weeks of the year 2015.

Deep-freeze warehouse Transdanubia - facts

  • Pasching, Upper Austria
  • Deep-freezer for food products
  • Base area approx. 5,300 m²
  • 500 t sections
  • Dimensions (l/w/h): 51/105/14 m
  • Three cooling areas -28 °C, +2 °C, 16°C
  • 14,600 pallet spaces (industrial pallets 1,000 x 1,200 mm)
  • Double deep unit load system in silo design
  • 6 storage levels, 23 aisles with reach truck
  • Induction-led narrow aisle solution