Our coating innovation

Improved coil stability guarantees optimized handling and increased safety. The excellent processing properties of the full-surface adhesive-bonded electrical steel packages lead to a substantial increase in production process efficiency. Optimum matching of the base material with the coating makes it possible to significantly reduce processing temperatures and times across the entire range of isovac® grades.

  • Improved material quality

    Consistent quality of supply
    Prolonged service life based on decelerated ageing

  • Improved adhesive behavior, especially in the long term

    Higher typical adhesive strength
    Improved sustained temperature and hydrothermal resistance of the adhesive-bonded stacks

  • Processing advantages in stack manufacturing
    Reduced enameling time and diminished pressure
    Shortened cooling time

  • Improved performance characteristics
    Improved thermal conductivity through optimized adjustment of lacquer fillers
    Improved magnetic properties based on nearly complete protection against short circuits between laminations

What does chocolate cake have to do with highly efficient electric motors? 

Electric motors need an iron core, and highly efficient electric motors need an iron core made of individually stacked laminations made of electrical steel. But how are these individual laminations optimally bonded with a perfect fit? In a mouth-watering video, Professor Metin Tolan lifts the secret of how this works with Backlack on isovac® electrical steel. We invite you to learn more.