isovac® backlack-v® + Accelerator

The step to the next dimension

Despite all their advantages, previous Backlack systems had the disadvantage of a relatively slow and sluggish bonding reaction. backlack-v® + accelerator is a high-speed bonding varnish for electric motors of all sizes and types, even enabling large-scale production. The backlack-v® varnish features a significantly reduced bonding temperature, and the combination of backlack-v® with a reaction accelerator reduces bonding times to a minimum.

As shown in the graphic, backlack-v® with accelerator is a system for all component sizes. The rapid reaction avoids any squeezing out, even in the smallest motors.

voestalpine isovac® Geringste Verklebezeiten

Minimum bonding times

The bonding process is activated within a very short time by targeting just the right temperature effect.

voestalpine isovac® Kein Ausquetschen beim Verbacken

No squeezing out during bonding, even in the smallest component sizes

The high reaction speed avoids any squeezing out from even the smallest components.

voestalpine isovac® Niedrige Reaktionstemperatur

Low reaction temperature

backlack-v® reacts at lower temperatures, thus leading to shorter heating and cooling times.

voestalpine isovac® Verbesserte hydrothermale und thermische Beständigkeit

Improved hydrothermal and thermal resistance

backlack-v® + accelerator leads to a significant increase in ageing resistance at high temperature and humidity levels.

voestalpine isovac® Verbesserte Warmfestigkeit

Improved heat resistance

Significantly higher strength at high temperature levels is reached when compared to standard bonding varnishes.

voestalpine isovac® Großserientauglich

Large-scale serial production

The entire production chain can be completed in a closed system. Punching and bonding in a single process.

Comparison of Backlack

Hydrothermal ageing (85° C, 85 % r.h.)

The hydrothermal ageing resistance of backlack-v® increases significantly when compared to standard bonding varnish without fillers, and the resistance is further increased by combining backlack-v® with an accelerator.

Fields of application

A bonding varnish for all cases. backlack-v® with the accelerator system provides 100% benefit in every field of application. It is a proven system for e-mobility, generator design, industrial motors or household appliances.

The backlack-v® system + accelerator is suitable for all applications and motor sizes. The extremely fast reaction speed during the bonding process avoids any squeezing out, even in the smallest motors. Large-scale production is possible without any problems for any component.

voestalpine isovac® Anwendungsbereiche
voestalpine isovac® Backlack in a minute

Backlack in a minute

Are you ready for a new dimension in bonding? The backlack-v® + accelerator system reduces bonding times to a minimum, making the large-scale production of electrical steel stacks possible. voestalpine now offers the latest development in Backlack technology with the high-speed Backlack innovation for electric motors of all types and sizes. In addition to the proven Backlack advantages, including freedom of design and mechanical stability, the new system also offers a number of additional high-efficiency properties.

What does chocolate cake have to do with highly efficient electric motors?

Electric motors need an iron core, and highly efficient electric motors need an iron core made of individually stacked laminations made of electrical steel. But how are these individual laminations optimally bonded with a perfect fit? In a mouth- watering video, Professor Metin Tolan lifts the secret of how this works with Backlack on isovac® electrical steel. We invite you to learn more.

voestalpine isovac® Prof. Metin Tolan

Backlack - the joining technology for perfect lamination stacks!

The stator and rotor cores of electrical machinery are manufactured using thin laminations stacked together by our customers in order to minimize eddy current losses. There are several ways to join these laminations, and the most efficient way is to use Backlack.