voestalpine isovac® Backlack Standard

The efficiency of electrical machines must be increased so that electric cars can go farther without having to increase existing battery capacities. Legal regulations pertaining to industrial motors also call for increased efficiency. A precondition for this is the use of low-loss electrical steels combined with high magnetic permeabilities. Material processing and the joining technique used contribute substantially to the behavior of our electrical steel inside an electric motor. The Backlack self- bonding system is characterized by a number of efficiency and processing advantages when compared to conventional joining techniques.

voestalpine isovac® Qualitätsverbesserung

Quality improvement in the final product

  • High fatigue strength under operational stress
  • Improved acoustics
  • Minimized frequency noise
  • Compactness and stability
  • Balance
voestalpine isovac® Verarbeitungsvorteile

Package processing advantages

  • Mechanically workable packages
  • High pre-installed package strength
  • Freedom of package design
voestalpine isovac® Effizienzsteigerung

Increased efficiency in the final product

  • Higher efficiency based on greater power density
  • Reduced recalescence
  • Improved magnetic properties based on nearly complete protection against short circuits between laminations
voestalpine isovac® Backlack in a minute

Backlack in a minute

Are you ready for a new dimension in bonding? The backlack-v® + accelerator system reduces bonding times to a minimum, making the large-scale production of electrical steel stacks possible. voestalpine now offers the latest development in Backlack technology with the high-speed Backlack innovation for electric motors of all types and sizes. In addition to the proven Backlack advantages, including freedom of design and mechanical stability, the new system also offers a number of additional high-efficiency properties.

What does chocolate cake have to do with highly efficient electric motors?

Electric motors need an iron core, and highly efficient electric motors need an iron core made of individually stacked laminations made of electrical steel. But how are these individual laminations optimally bonded with a perfect fit? In a mouth- watering video, Professor Metin Tolan lifts the secret of how this works with Backlack on isovac® electrical steel. We invite you to learn more.

voestalpine isovac® Prof. Metin Tolan

Backlack - the joining technology for perfect lamination stacks!

The stator and rotor cores of electrical machinery are manufactured using thin laminations stacked together by our customers in order to minimize eddy current losses. There are several ways to join these laminations, and the most efficient way is to use Backlack.