The planning software for the iFIX mounting system

Convenient PV project planning on the screen: iFIX Tool is intuitive software based on the renowned software solution Solar.Pro.Tool by Levasoft GmbH that allows you to quickly plan your project and ensure that it is safe. 

Plan your PV project in five steps

iFIX Tool works on any PC or Mac with an internet connection—no software installation required. The planning tool gives you a clear, well-structured overview of all your projects. Project lists offer useful filter options and show all important parameters. You can also use satellite images or drawings as the basis for planning. Simple and versatile drawing tools allow you to work graphically.

The innovative planning tool for flat roofs

iFIX Tool lets you create multiple roofs and module fields in one project. You can quickly and conveniently edit obstacles and restricted areas. It is easy to display thermal partitions and maintenance partitions, and they are taken into account in the module layout plan. Another helpful feature is that wind and snow loads are automatically defined. Exact dimensions ensure precise results.

For registered dealers

Complete results report with precise documentation

  1. Detailed information on using the PV system
  2. Automatic calculation and display of ballasting
  3. Customizable parts list with module distribution per roof
  4. Results, assembly plans, and ballasting as PDF reports.

For registered partners

Simplified project report 
  1. Input of project data
  2. Design and visualization of the system
  3. Ability to transfer project data to the nearest dealer