Your one-stop shop for steel and heat treatment

  • Optimum choice of steels and perfect heat treatment: the prerequistes for maximum service life
  • Decades of experience and international contacts
  • Top Quality; highly qualified personnel; advanced technologies
  • Reliable partner oriented to long-term customer relationships
  • Short delivery times, based on customers’ needs


Our Service Portfolio:

  • Vacuum hardening, vacuum soldering, vacuum annealing
  • Gas nitriding with or without oxidizing
  • NICKOX (corresponds to Tenifer – AB1)
  • NICKO (nitrocarburizing)
  • Tempering treatment and age hardening treatment, with or without protective gas,  maximum temperature 750°C.
  • Annealing in protectivegas
  • High-frequency hardening, maximum RHT 2,5 mm
  • Mid-frequency hardening,  maximum RHT 15 mm
  • MIX-frequency-hardening, (global innovation in induction hardening)

Technical data for our hardening equipment:

Furnance size: Batch size  600 x 900 x 600 mm, max. 600 kg net,  700 mm diameter x 900 mm , 1200 mm diameter x 2200 mm
Tempering furnance with temperature range 450°C – 750°C, max. size 2,0 x 2,0 x 2,0 m

High-frequency hardening machine: max. component size 2.000 mm diameter. x 1.500 mm
Mid-frequency hardening machine: max. component size  500 mm diameter x 2.000 mm
High-frequency small component hardening machine: max. component size 30 mm diameter x 400 mm
MIX-frequeny hardening machine: max. component size 500 mm diameter. x 2000 mm
Mid-frequency hardening machine: max. component size 900 mm diameter x 3700 mm

Other services:

  • Adjustment work, cold and hot
  • Lab work
  • Picking up and delivering your hardening stock
  • Consulting regarding choice of steel types and heat treatment
  • Customers seminars
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