SUCASLIDE® - The modern friction-reducing DLC coating


  • Forming and cutting tools for non-ferrous metals, in particular aluminum (e.g. IHU)
  • in case of injection moulds both for the mold surfaces and for sliders and ejectors (absolute dry running possible)
  • Combination with other PVD and CVD layers possible
  • Precision components, motor and gear parts, gears, storage and valve parts, sealing and guiding elements
  • Paper knives, industrial blades
  • Saw blades for composite materials
  • Components of food-, vacuum- and cooling technology (dry running)


  • Further significant improvement of the slide characteristics with respect to traditional PVD layers (also with minimal lubrication a significant improvement results) decrease of adhesion and both friction partners are protected.
  • Improvement of the run-in characteristics with tools and precision components
  • Improvement of the emergency running characteristics
  • Suited for low-tempered steels (case hardened, spring and bearing steels)


In numbers:

Deposition process: Magnetron PVD sputtering
Coating temperature: < 200°C
Coating structure: Amorphous metallic carbon
Layer thickness: 2 +/- 0,5 µm
Hardness [HV 0.01] : 1.800 – 2000
Coefficient of friction against cemented carbide: 0,05-0,1
Color: Black
Application temperature: max. 400°C
Adhesion tendency against Al alloy: Very low
Chemical resistance: Very good


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