MoST™ - The well-proven and successful slide layer

MoST™-Molybdenum disulfide as solid lubricant is deposited frequently and successfully as a slide layer on hard coatings. The significant and long-lasting improvement of the coefficient of friction increases the total durability and acts against adhesion wear. Also the coating of component parts for the improvement of the friction conditions, without previous hard coatings, is possible!


  • Cutting:
    Main focus on tapping on TiN- or TiCN- hard coatings
  • Forming:
    Drawing, stamping, pressing and forming tools as additional coating on hard coatings. In situations where the application of cooling lubricants should be economized, the application of MoST is an option.

Deposition technology:

The application of the MoSTTM layers is implemented by means of PVD sputter technology. With coating temperatures < 200° C the coating of all steel materials is possible!

In numbers:

Material: Molybdenum disulfide, MoS2 : Me
Microhardness HV 0.05: 500 – 1000
Coefficient of friction against steel 100Cr6: 0,1
Layer thickness [μm] : 0,8 – 1,2
Maximum application temperature: 400° C / 750° F
Color: Silver-gray
General characteristic: High sliding ability, low adhesion wear
Preferred applications: Precision components; dry processing in combination with PVD hard coatings; dry deformation in combination with a hard coating (PVD or CVD)


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