We are the specialists for the laser hardening and laser cladding

Laser-hardening or laser cladding of surfaces with the force of the bundled ray of light. The innovative laser hardening technology has displaced inductive hardening or flame-hardening from many applications. The special laser hardening technology offers extensive advantages in application: In particular such zones, where wear threatens fastly, can be hardened with innovative laser hardening precisely and contour-exact. An important reason is the extremely high speed of the heat introduction with almost simultaneous self-quenching during laser hardening.

Further advantages during laser hardening: In total the thermal stress is small and the hardened parts are low-distored to distortion-free. Our offer in laser material processing also includes the processes designated as DMD (Direct Metal Deposition) or LMD technology (Laser Metal Deposition ). A modern and flexible technology with which surfaces of tools and component parts are optimized rapidly and efficiently. To optimize surfaces with the laser by cladding special materials can be utilized as wear protection for repair or change. Furthermore, the generation of new surface properties (for example improved thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance or also resistance to elevated temperatures) is possible. Also the very young laser cladding technology, like laser hardening, convinces in many respects: So the laser cladding enables the purposeful application of the wear protection layer. In addition, the manufacture of functional coatings is possible on cheaper base materials. We are focused on making available for our customer state-of-the-art system technology, combined with our own intensive and permanent procedure development.

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