TiC/TiN - The well-proven standard layer

The titanium carbide/titanium nitride combination layer is a standard layer well-proven over a long time.

Layer properties:

  • Very high hardness
  • Very good adhesion
  • Sufficient toughness

Where is TiC/TiN employed?

Drawing, stamping, pressing and forming tools for the processing of e.g. aluminum-plated or zinc-coated sheet metal in the automotive industry.

Special features:

The combination of very high hardness, sufficient toughness and higher layer thicknesses results in significant durability improvements in the area of the shaping of thick plates. The CVD coating technology guarantees the highest level of adhesion and wear reserve for tools which are not too critical concerning dimensional accuracy.


For inserts in cutting during the roughing of not too high-strength steels. eifeler operates a specially adapted process here which also produces a very smooth surface, as well as a high layer thickness of approx. 8 µm.


In Numbers:

Hardness: 2.700 ± 300 HV
Maximum application temperature: 500°C /900°F
Coefficient of friction against 100Cr6 steel: 0,6
Layer thickness: 6-10 µm
Color: Gold


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