For Longer Replacement Life

High Performance Core Pins and Sub Inserts for High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) Application

We have the engineering expertise and experience to provide “special” and “custom” core pins for die casting applications. Our “special” and “custom” tooling results in our customers having longer replacement life, improved in-plant productivity and quality performance as well as reduced manufacturing cost.

We understand the troubles customer face due to failure of core pins and sub inserts in high pressure die casting (HPDC) dies . Considering the application parameters and the high performance demand we at voestalpine High Performance Metals India now able to support our valuable customers with unique solutions which include special raw material with High performance Vacuum Heat Treatment and PVD Coating.

Our brands provide you with tailor made high performance core pins and sub inserts. They are made of  raw material, specially designed and manufactured for such high demand application by respective brands.

They come with high performance Vacuum Heat Treatment and DUPLEX-TIGRAL PVD Coating which is the proven solution in high pressure die casting industry worldwide.

Our High Performance core pins and sub inserts can achieve an out-standing hardness level with much better toughness than the standard core pins.


  • Comparatively much longer life
  • Higher hardness (up to 57 HRC)
  • Higher toughness/ductility
  • Improved thermal conductivity
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Reduced soldering

Technical Data

Material Special Raw Material by Our Brands
Core & Surface Hardness 54 – 56 HRC
(as required by customer)
Without cooling, spot cooling or conformal cooling


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