Additive manufacturing - Printing Imaginations

Additive manufacturing also know as 3D printing adds to the range of products and services we can offer our most discerning customers. It underscores the research capabilities of the Group as well as its productivity as a manufacturer of premium metal powder, the starting point for first-rate 3D printing with metals. With the new technology, we are prepared for the future.

Additive manufacturing can be referred to as digital revolution in the industrial production that has enabled the creation of lighter and stronger parts. It is the trans formative approach which has resulted in bringing digital flexibility and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

As High Performance Metals Division we cover all steps in the value chain:

Manufacturing Service

The AM printing process builds a three-dimensional object from a computer-aided design model, by successively adding layer by layer of metal powder, which is why it is also called additive manufacturing

Material expertise in Additive Manufacturing powder

  • Powder development and Production
  • Powder parameter definition for various machines
  • Product Technical Details
    • Particle size 15-45 µm & 45-150 µm
    • Uddeholm COREX / Bohler L718 AMPO / Bohler L625 AMPO / Bohler N700 AMPO / Bohler W722 AMPO

Research competence center

Count on our global network in this innovative technology

R&D and manufacturing facilities in GmbH Dusseldorf and Singapore combines the core competences of:

Powder production
Design optimization
Component production

We are proud of taking responsibility of our customers production process and becoming an integral part of their production cycle. The AM service is also provided by our esteemed brand BÖHLER and Uddeholm.