For decades we have been recognized as a global leader in the manufacture and the supply of tool steel, as a result we understand the challenges that our customers face in the high pressure die casting industry. Customer intimacy and technical understanding is a major factor when developing successful solutions with our partners.

    Our attention to detail goes far beyond the design of the tool. Our additive manufacturing experts develop printing parameters specifically optimized to suit our range of high performance high pressure die casting materials, giving our customers unique solutions with superior results.

    Unique tools require unique solutions. Working together with our customers, using our state-of-the-art additive manufacturing and materials know how, we develop tailormade AM solutions optimized specifically for high pressure die casting.

    Your trusted AM partner






    AM expertise paired with extensive high pressure die casting know-how ensures we deliver the best possible tooling solutions to our customers. We support our customers through a detailed consultation process to develop the right solution for the right application, using state-of-the-art tools to support the manufacturing process from initial concept to functional parts. Where needed our high pressure die casting experts can help our customers re-design tools according to the exact requirements of their application.

    Our data driven approach to cooling channel design analyses processing parameters and mechanical loads to develop detailed computer models and process simulations. This method of optimizing thermal management is essential to ensure the right balance between efficient cooling and the mechanical performance of the tool.

    This process goes far beyond regular conformal cooling channel design. We understand high pressure die casting.

    Failure analysis and process simulation are important key competences. When paired with our AM design and processing know how, we gain a deep understanding of not only the challenges, but how we can best optimize the part in relation to the performance needs of the customer.




    We ensure the highest possible quality, reliability and consistency by managing every step of the value chain from powder production to the delivery of the finished part. Whether for a single part order or series production, our internal quality systems ensure we meet your requirements every time. We use state-of-the-art tools to continually improve and refine our internal printing processes. Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control, and Process Monitoring form the basis of our methodology. Continued innovation from our AM and materials groups ensures we deliver superior material properties in the most demanding applications. As a result, our customers can put parts into service with the highest degree of confidence.

    We understand the interactions between laser and material. This deep understanding of AM and high pressure die casting allows customers to add value to their business and realize competitive advantage.




    Our long history of developing materials for the high pressure die casting industry, means the powders we use are of the highest quality and deliver superior tool life.

    BÖHLER W360 AMPO is our premium grade for high pressure die casting applications. This proprietary grade has been designed to outperform many traditional tool steels such as 1.2709 (Maraging 300), 1.2343 ESR (H11) and 1.2344 ESR (H13).



    • High temper back and hot wear resistance
    • Recommended hardness in use 48 – 56 HRC
    • High toughness
    • Designed for high demanding tooling applications like high pressure die casting and reinforced plastics




    Our support does not end with the delivery of additive manufactured inserts. It goes far beyond that. Every tool has a certain lifetime and fails at some point. We analyse and examine your failed tool inserts to determine the cause of damage. For example, a crack can have many different causes. Only those who know the cause can take the necessary action to extend the service life and to solve the problem.

    Cracks that have occurred due to an incorrect channel design, because the customer requirements were not taken into account

    Left: macroscopic image of cracks in the tool with scaling in the cooling channel (top) and microscopic image of cracks in the LOM (bottom)

    Right: microscopic image of a crack (top) and simulation results (bottom)






    Our three-pillared approach to additive manufacturing has shown to deliver significant performance improvements to our high pressure die casting customers across a range of applications, such as sliders, sub-inserts, sprues, and distributors (and distributor rings).




    voestalpine vstupuje do další éry v oblasti aditivní výroby. Na základě zkušeností a tradice nabízíme celý kompletní a uzavřený řetěz: od vývoje prášků přímo pro vaše aplikace, samotnou výrobu dílu, vypracování návrhu nebo optimalizaci dílu, včetně finálního dokončení dílů, které obsahuje tepelné zpracování, finální obrobení v požadovaných tolerancích, leštění, povlakování a podobně. Nabízíme komplexní řešení na minimalizaci rizika v dodavatelském řetězci s cílem být spolehlivým obchodným partnerem, kterému můžete s důvěrou svěřit i Vaše nejsložitější projekty.

    Kovový prášek Metal-Powder
    Parameter-Development Parametry procesu
    Návrh a simulace Design_simulation
    Additive-Manufacturing Aditívní výroba – 3D tisk
    Tepelné zpracování Heat-Treatment
    Machining Obrábění
    PVD-povlakování Coating
    Kontrola / Testovaní




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