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The traditional approach to the supply and manufacture of engineered components has been for the component manufacturer to rely on multiple sources during the various stages of manufacturing such as design, material or steel selection, and additional ancillary steps such as heat treatment and PVD coatings. This approach is limited when meeting the demands of current industries where speed and flexibility are the basis of competition. voestalpine offers you turn key solutions for your engineered components with complete integration of engineering and design through to the manufacture and delivery of produced parts.

Your Benefits
  • Improved yield and quality
  • Optimized part production cost
  • Reduced down time (planned and unplanned)
  • Reduced total cost of ownership for tooling
Why voestalpine?
  • Accountable partner for multiple processing steps
  • Understanding of your application, materials and design
  • Solutions that leverage full technological capabilities
  • Access to advanced engineering and AM expertise
The Conventional Approach

The conventional approach shows complications of multiple suppliers or specialists that can lead to technical and logistical risks

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The voestalpine Solution

The voestalpine Solution integrates material, design, thermal and coatings services to deliver optimized solutions as an accountable partner throughout the processing steps

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voestalpine’s complete integrated engineered product manufacturing offers an end to end view with an eye toward complete optimization of the parts’ performance and reliability rather than focusing on selling the discrete element in question. We deliver components optimized to perform to a higher level in your application.

By being in the unique position of being able to work with our customers during the design phase, we understand the demands that will be placed on the component. We work to relieve the issues faced by component users; whether that is improved functionality, faster delivery, securing supply or price competitiveness.

No other partner offers you tailored turnkey solutions that deliver superior performance in your application. We dramatically simplify your supply chain and reduce the risks accompanied by using multiple vendors to manufacture your parts. Companies that have worked with us have experienced gains in productivity and reliability of their tooling leading to top and bottom line impacts.

Taking the first step is easy with voestalpine. If you already have your part designed and in operation, call us for a consultation or send us your drawing for a product intake review. During this review process we examine possible areas of concern and make design and manufacturing recommendations.

Our goal is to create a long term partnership where customers have the flexibility to maximize utilization of their skills and resources while relying on our expertise for individual problem solving and productivity improvements.

If you have an idea for a part or a new business opportunity, we will work confidentially and collaboratively with you to help design and produce the part from concept to completion. Either way, you benefit from working with a company committed to improving the performance of your tools. We are willing and able to work with customers on new projects and possible joint ventures. Contact us today.

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