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Reaction of voestalpine AG to the press release by Deutsche Bahn regarding the German rail cartel

2013-04-29 | 

Dr. Wolfgang Eder, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of voestalpine AG, made the following statement regarding the agreement with Deutsche Bahn: “We are very pleased that, after very intense negotiations, agreement with Deutsche Bahn has been reached. We anticipate that the foundation for a continuing long-term, stable collaboration has now been restored.”

Peter Felsbach, Spokesman, voestalpine AG: “We can confirm that agreement with Deutsche Bahn regarding direct deliveries of rails to DB has been reached. This is the second major step in the settlement of the rail cartel matter; the associated investigative proceeding by the German Federal Cartel Office largely confirmed voestalpine's status of cooperating witness and was concluded with the official notice of the fine in July 2012. Our understanding is that the initial – and major – part of the antitrust proceedings and the claims for compensatory damages have now been concluded as far as voestalpine is concerned and that we can return to a normal business relationship with Deutsche Bahn. We have agreed that the content and all the details of our agreement shall remain confidential. Our agreement with DB regarding claims for damages is within the limits of the provisions set aside for these claims. We are assuming that the provisions formed in 2012 in the amount of EUR 205 million will continue to be sufficient. This amount also contains the provisions for the closure of the rail rolling mill in Duisburg.”

Peter Felsbach, Spokesman voestalpine AG

The portion of the proceedings before the German Federal Cartel Office that is relative to the private market, which includes, but is not limited, to deliveries to mass transit and municipal services, is still unresolved. We anticipate that this portion of the proceedings can be concluded in the course of this year as well.

Peter Felsbach, Spokesman voestalpine AG

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