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Dipl.-Ing Dr. Franz Kainersdorfer appointed as new member of the Management Board at voestalpine AG

2010-12-16 | 

After the completion of his degree at the Montanuniversität Leoben, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Franz Kainersdorfer began his professional life as a university assistant at the Institut für Elektrotechnik (Department for Electrical Engineering, Austria). In 1996, the native Leobener transferred from the marketing department at Veitsch-Radex AG to voestalpine Schienen GmbH. Kainersdorfer, who is now 43, then held a string of leading positions in Controlling and Accounting at voestalpine Stahl Donawitz GmbH and then at voestalpine AG. In 2001, he took over the management of company development at voestalpine Bahnsysteme GmbH.

  • Supervisory Board selects Dipl.-Ing. Josef Mülner's successor on the Management Board.
  • The head of the Railway System division will be retiring on 1st July 2011 after 37 years at voestalpine.
  • Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Kainersdorfer will bring comprehensive experience in the area of railway systems in his succession as head of the division and on voestalpine AG’s Management Board.

International experience and wide range of management knowledge

In addition to holding these positions, the family man with one daughter gained a great deal of experience abroad. From 2003 to 2005 and 2008 to 2009, Kainersdorfer acted as Managing Director of voestalpine Railpro/Niederlande. From 2006 to 2008, he acted as Executive Vice President of VAE Nortrak North America. In 2009, the designated member of the voestalpine AG Management Board took over the position of CEO of voestalpine Stahl Donawitz GmbH & CoKG, where he is responsible for the areas of controlling and finance, purchasing and sales, personnel and IT.

In accordance with the resolution passed today by the Supervisory Board at voestalpine, the change from Dipl.-Ing. Mülner to Dipl. Ing. Dr. Kainersdorfer will take place on 1st July 2011. Mülner will then retire after 37 years of employment at voestalpine and 8 years as Chairman of the Management Board at voestalpine Bahnsysteme GmbH and member of voestalpine AG’s Management Board. The milestones in the 64-year-old Styrian’s career include his leading role in the internationalisation of the railway division and the continuous development of globally leading railway expertise in the areas of technology and production.

Clear evidence of Mülner’s successful work is the development of voestalpine Bahnsysteme into a global market leader for switches and a European market leader for tracks, in addition to the ongoing global expansion of the division in the most recent projects in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

voestalpine Group

voestalpine is a globally active group with a number of specialized and flexible companies that produce, process and further develop high-quality steel products. The Group is represented by 360 production and sales companies in more than 60 countries. With its highest quality flat steel products, voestalpine is one of Europe's leading partners to the automotive, white goods and energy industries. Furthermore, voestalpine is the world market leader in turnout technology, tool steel and special sections, as well as number one in Europe in the production of rails. The voestalpine Group generated revenues of EUR 8.55 billion in the business year 2009/10 and employs around 41,000 staff throughout the world.