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The structural parts group of the Automotive Division is united within voestalpine Stamptec

2011-09-01 | 

In September 2011 the group members voestalpine Gutbrod, voestalpine Hügel, voestalpine Dancke, voestalpine Vollmer, Amstutz Levin & Cie and voestalpine Automotive Romania are united into one company, under the name voestalpine Stamptec. Thanks to this strong coalition of companies, individual location advantages can be bundled even better and "voestalpine Stamptec" will be positioned as a powerful brand name.

Customers often perceived the wide range of services of our group as a bit of a surprise. Changing our name is an important and necessary foundation for increasing our footprint on the global market and a strong representation as a powerful brand name on increasingly challenging markets. The new name will do justice to our size and importance. Our key customers can perceive us as a relevant player on the market in terms of capacities, delivery spectrum and financial power

Günther Felder, Spokesman of the Management Board of voestalpine Stamptec