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voestalpine is the leniency applicant in the German rail cartel

2011-07-01 | 

The company has been in close contact with the German Federal Cartel Office as well as with the Public Prosecution Office in Bochum for several months and is working to fully and swiftly resolve the case. Due to the leniency application voestalpine has been restricted in publicising this information until now. As of today, the group expects to be exempted from any fines.

voestalpine does not accept infringements of antitrust law

At the present moment it is not possible to estimate the entitlement nor the amount of damages. The amounts that have been circulated in the media are baseless and are hereby expressly rejected.

The internal revelation of the cartel shows that the current compliance measure within the voestalpine group are effective. The acquired knowledge will nevertheless be used to improve the current measures and systems.