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  • 3 July 2024

    voestalpine Annual General Meeting approves dividend of EUR 0.70; Supervisory Board newly elected

    At the 32nd Annual General Meeting today, a dividend of EUR 0.70 per share was agreed for the business year 2023/24 in accordance with the proposal of the Management Board and Supervisory Board. The payment of the dividend will be made starting July 16, 2024 (ex-dividend day: July 11, 2024). The new election of the Supervisory Board was also on the agenda at the Linz Design Center. All of the shareholder representatives (currently seven) on voestalpine AG’s highest governance body were re-elected. One new member was elected to the Supervisory Board: Martin Hetzer, Ph.D., President of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) in Klosterneuburg. Wolfgang Eder was re-elected as Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the subsequent constituent meeting.

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  • 17 June 2024

    voestalpine publishes its Green Financing Framework, laying the foundation for future green financing

    With greentec steel, voestalpine has developed a clear plan to transform its steel production. Now, with the launch of the Green Financing Framework, the steel and technology Group has laid the foundation for the issuance of green bonds and other green financing instruments. As the first European steel company to publish its Green Financing Framework, voestalpine has once again confirmed that it sets the environmental benchmark in its industry.

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  • 11 June 2024

    The Supervisory Board of voestalpine AG will collectively stand for reelection at the Annual General Meeting

    The 32nd regular Annual General Meeting of voestalpine AG on July 3, 2024 will also include the reelection of the Supervisory Board. All of the board’s seven shareholder representatives are running for reelection. Martin Hetzer, President of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) in Klosterneuburg, is a new candidate for the Supervisory Board.

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  • 5 June 2024

    voestalpine ends business year 2023/24 with solid operating results and pioneering projects

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  • 14 May 2024

    voestalpine, Mercedes-Benz, and TSR launch showcase project in circular economy

    With a unique flagship project, voestalpine, together with Mercedes-Benz and TSR Recycling, aims to demonstrate the technical feasibility of circular economy projects in the premium segment—from the recycling of post-consumer scrap (“old scrap”) into high-quality scrap to further processing in the steel-producing industry into high-quality steel grades and use in the automotive industry. In this way, the steel and technology Group is making an important contribution to sustainability and at the same time evaluating new opportunities for its increasing demand for scrap in connection with the transformation to green steel production.

  • 13 May 2024

    Martin Fuhrmann new member of the Management Board of the voestalpine Group’s High Performance Metals Division

    After almost 20 years with the voestalpine Group, Martin Fuhrmann (51) joined the Management Board team of the High Performance Metals Division on April 1, 2024. The Burgenland native is now responsible for the division’s sales and service area, which includes around 75 companies at a total of over 130 locations on five continents. He has thus taken over the responsibilities of Reinhard Nöbauer who, as previously reported, has been appointed to the Management Board of voestalpine AG and is now Head of the High Performance Metals Division. The High Performance Metals Division specializes in the production and processing of tool and special steels, for example for the global automotive, energy, and aerospace industries, and generated revenue of EUR 3.8 billion in the 2022/23 business year with around 13,700 employees.

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  • Copyright: ITALFIL S.p.A.

    7 May 2024

    voestalpine acquires majority stake in premium welding wire manufacturer and expands market position in welding technology

    voestalpine Böhler Welding, a leading global company in the field of welding technology, acquires a majority stake in the premium welding wire manufacturer ITALFIL S.p.A. The Italian company currently has 110 employees and achieved an annual turnover of EUR 43 million in the past business year. For voestalpine, this acquisition expands the product portfolio, particularly in the semi and fully automated high-quality welding technology sector.

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  • 25 April 2024

    Kurt Satzinger is the new Head of R&D at voestalpine

    Kurt Satzinger succeeds Franz Androsch, voestalpine’s long-standing Head of R&D, who is retiring. voestalpine is one of the most research-intensive companies in Austria, counting around 800 R&D employees in over 70 companies and more than 100 scientific partners worldwide. The focus of research activities is increasingly on digital and resource-saving products and processes. The Group has allocated a record research budget of EUR 231 million for the current business year 2024/25.

  • 11 April 2024

    greentec steel: landmark melting at voestalpine site Donawitz

    voestalpine has produced the world’s first high-quality “green” wire rod from hydrogen-reduced pure iron and scrap at its site in Donawitz. The hydrogen-reduced pure iron was produced in the Hyfor pilot plant, while the landmark melting was carried out in the Group’s own Technikum Metallurgie research facility, a unique small but complete steel plant. The CO2-reduced steel was further processed in the wire rod mill to produce roller-bearing steel, which is characterized by its particular hardness and wear resistance. The production of high-quality, CO2-reduced steel grades is one of the biggest technological challenges in the transition to green steel production.

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  • 25 March 2024

    More and more customers are opting for voestalpine’s CO2-reduced premium steel

    With greentec steel, voestalpine has a clear plan for decarbonizing steel production. voestalpine is not alone in its mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: more and more customers also want to reduce their carbon footprint by using high-quality CO2-reduced premium steel. The steel and technology Group is already providing 35 companies from various industries with superior steel products in the greentec steel Edition. Designer furniture, wind turbines, and cranes are just a few examples of products that can be manufactured more sustainably through an optimized production process. voestalpine itself recently used the green steel to build a new belt conveyor, which will also supply the planned electric arc furnace (EAF) in Linz with raw materials in the future.

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  • 14 March 2024

    voestalpine plans to sell Buderus Edelstahl and reorganizes Automotive Components business in Germany resulting in one-off write-downs of around EUR 410 million

    The Management Board of voestalpine AG is reacting to the changed economic conditions for industrial manufacturing companies and is reorganizing production sites in Germany. This step is a consistent implementation of voestalpine Group's strategy of focusing the materials business on the highest quality spectrum and expanding the downstream business in promising global segments.

  • 6 March 2024

    voestalpine bids farewell to long-term CFO Robert Ottel

    As reported, Robert Ottel leaves voestalpine on March 31, after a total of 27 years at the company, 19 of which as the Group’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The respected financial expert has not extended his contract, and plans to pursue new professional challenges. This marks the end of an era at voestalpine.

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  • 7 February 2024

    Economic slowdown impacts voestalpine earnings for Q3 2023/24

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  • greentec steel linz

    12 January 2024

    Next milestone for greentec steel: voestalpine commissions Primetals Technologies to supply the electric arc furnace for the site in Linz

    Construction work for Austria’s largest climate protection program is already in full swing. By commissioning Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH to supply the electric arc furnace (EAF)—the technological heart of the transformation to steel production powered by green electricity—voestalpine has taken an important next step in realizing this major project.

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