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TOP 5 job application mistakes

Those who seek will find! This also applies to job hunting, making it even more important that when applying for jobs you take account of, and avoid, certain mistakes.

Here’s more information about the five biggest application mistakes.

Be excessively enthusiastic

Your dream job is within reach and you just can’t wait for the interview? Time to be careful. Make sure you don’t appear too keen or lay it on too thick. Make it clear to the interviewer that you would like to work for their company, but avoid excessive praise. They are interested in your qualifications, and not in your dream of the perfect employer.

Stick to the truth

Don’t invent any qualifications or experiences! The truth will come to light, by the time you have started working at the latest. The same also applies for your applications: honesty pays.

Missing concrete answers

Simple questions should always be answered with a well-formulated reply. Be confident and have the courage to give a well-considered answer. As soon as you start radiating uncertainty you begin to irritate the interviewer. You should certainly avoid giving answers such as the following:
“I’m afraid I just can’t answer that question!”

Loosing the motivation

Job hunting is often like a marathon; there are certainly occasions when it can be frustrating. Perhaps you have already sent out 10 applications and not yet received a reply. Remain calm and motivated. Getting anxious only generates insecurity and frustration. So keep sending out job applications and then call the companies, asking politely if there has been any progress. Keep indicating your interest.

Forget to networking

Recommendations and relationships are often an ideal door opener. You do yourself no favors by not using your contacts. It is also worth cultivating your networks.