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How to calm your nerves during an interview

"Please take a seat!" Now things are getting serious, and your nervousness becomes clear for all to see. By the time the first question is asked, your stagefright will be at its peak - but you certainly aren't the only one to feel like this. What’s important is how you deal with being nervous. Here are a few tips & tricks to help you master your interview in a calm and collected manner.

Stressful and tricky questions are commonly sprung at the beginning of an interview. Recruiters do this to test an applicant's spontaneity and ability to deal with the unexpected. This makes it all the more important that you remain calm and present yourself in a confident manner. The more you fear the approaching situation, the more strongly your body reacts to stress. Read here about the tricks you can use to master your interview in a competent and confident manner:

Preparation is half the battle

Find out as much as you can about the company. The more you know, the harder it is to be thrown by factual questions.

Be confident

You've invested time and effort in preparing for the interview. Remember this! This gives you the sense of security you need and calms you down at the decisive moment.

Think of positive things

You need to rid your body of tension! You can do this by concentrating your thoughts on an activity or an experience that gives you pleasure. Positive thoughts put a smile on your face and lighten the mood. Your interview partner will see a happy, confident, potential employee.

Practice makes perfect

Simulate the interview situation at home. Go through the conversation repeatedly, either alone in front of a mirror, or with friends or family. It will certainly help to think of answers to any unexpected questions in advance. But be careful not to get too worked up and become more nervous than when you started.

Be authentic!

Don't pretend to be what you aren't! The more authentic you appear, the more believable your statements.

There are many ways of preparing for an interview. In addition to the tip & tricks listed above, there are a variety of breathing exercises which can also help you to focus. More interview tips will be posted again soon at