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8 tips for correct online job hunting

Online or the traditional newspaper route? How do you look for a job? Both are still popular, but it appears that modern online career portals are attracting more and more users and providing potential employees with a wealth of information.

As everyone knows, you can find the right job faster online. However, when looking for a job online you should remember a few things. You should definitely keep the following eight tips in mind:

  • Before you start looking, define the job, the region and the industries you prefer to work in.
  • Online job hunting is also spreading to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). There are a large number of apps that can help you look for a job without a PC.
  • Find out all you can. Job ads today offer a lot of background information – take advantage of this.
  • In some online portals, you can create a personal profile. A detailed profile has a better chance of being found.
  • Start with the largest online career portal that is relevant to you.
  • Always use the specified application method. Many companies today prefer online application forms or e-mail applications. It is important to use one of the specified methods.
  • If you can, set a job alarm so that you will always be informed when a job is posted that meets your current or previously entered job descriptions.
  • Find out about the company. More and more employers have an excellent Internet presence that gives potential employees a good idea of what the company is about. Videos, pictures and animations show the working environment and can help you find the 'right' employer. Ideally, you can use what you learn in a job interview.

voestalpine also has an online job portal where applicants have a choice of applying online. Nothing stands in the way of finding a job online. With this in mind: stay online.