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10 hashtags which can help with your job hunting

When looking for a job you should also tune into company’s “Tweets”. An increasing number of employers use job platforms, career websites, Facebook, and Twitter. And rightly so! Social media offers a direct means of communication for both sides.

Twitter offers job seekers many opportunities to filter out certain subject by means of its hashtags – the keywords which always appear in blue behind a #. Employers need to ensure that they specify their hashtags as clearly as possible, increasing the chance of being found by those searching for jobs. The following are a list of hashtags which you could use as a job seeker:
#job hunting
#job ad
#new job

If you prefer one specific company, it is always better to contact them directly or to obtain information on website & Co. Twitter and Facebook are great tools to explore the employer market. Both media are to be regarded in this case as a complement that shows during the job search many possibilities.