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voestalpine again posts record figures – the operating result rises by more than 45% in the first quarter of 2007/08

8 August 2007 | 

The first three months of the 2007/08 financial year were characterized by continuing high demand and a good and stable price level in all four divisions of the voestalpine Group.
Within the scope of the overall economic trend, which remained very satisfactory with practically no interruptions both in Europe and in the voestalpine Group’s overseas export markets, the most important customer industries followed this positive trend.

Against this backdrop, the voestalpine Group reached a new quarterly all-time record during the first quarter of 2007/08 not only in revenue and operating result but in all other key financial figures as well, positioning itself for another record-breaking year.

Key figures of voestalpine group

(acc. IFRS; in EURm) Q1 2007/08
Q1 2006/07*
in %
Revenue 1,960.9 1,708.3 + 14.8
EBITDA 407.5 296.4 + 37.5
EBITDA margin in % 20.8 17.4  
EBIT 313.2 214.6 + 46.0
EBIT margin in % 16.0 12.6  
Profit for the period 242.1 153.1 + 58.1
EPS (in EUR)** 1.56 0.94  

*retrospective adjustment according to IFRS 5
**undiluted EPS (continuing operations), based on weighted average number of shares outstanding in Q1 FY 2007/08