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Ad-Hoc News regarding 2nd Quarter FY 2013/14

6 November 2013 | 

voestalpine with slightly weaker results in first half 2013/14

Revenue and earnings of voestalpine Group for the first half of the business year 2013/14 were affected by an all in all stable, but in particular in Europe in industrial key segments still subdued economic development.

The second quarter of the business year was burdened additionally by seasonal effects and one-offs of EUR 10 million in the Steel Division. Remarkably, the uncertainties of the markets predominantly concerned the Special Steel and the Steel Division, whereas the development of the Divisions Metal Engineering and Metal Forming was characterized by high stability on unchanged attractive levels.
This once more confirms the validity of the since 12 years consequently implemented downstream strategy.

From today’s point of view voestalpine Group expects higher earnings in the second half of 2013/14 compared to the first half, against the backdrop of a stable economic environment in the third quarter and a slight upturn in the fourth quarter, so that the outlook for the whole business year 2013/14 remains unchanged: Repetition of last year’s operating profit (EBITDA) of approx. EUR 1.4 billion and about EUR 850 million profit from operations (EBIT) respectively.

Key figures of voestalpine Group

(acc. IFRS; in EURm)* 1H 2012/13
04/01 - 09/30/2012
1H 2013/14
04/01 - 09/30/2013
in %
Revenue 5,932.8 5,723.6 -3.5
EBITDA 724.5 686.9 -5.2
EBITDA margin in % 12.2 12.0  
EBIT 435.4 400.5 -8.0
EBIT margin in % 7.3 7.0  
Profit before tax 347.8 320.4 -7.9
Profit for the period* 269.5 240.0 -10.9
EPS (in EUR) 1.36 1.16  -14.7
Gearing ratio in % (09/30) 51.0 46.7  

* according to IFRS all results after Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)
** before minority interest and hybrid capital interest