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Ad-Hoc News regarding 1st Quarter FY 2011/12

18 August 2011 | 

voestalpine achieved considerable increase in profit in the first quarter of FY 2011/12

voestalpine group was able to prolong the excellent development of the previous periods also in the first three months of FY 2011/12 and achieved considerable enhancements in all profit categories on annual comparison.

The solid demand situation in the segments automotive, commercial vehicle, machine building, energy and consumer goods, already lasting for 18 months, continued in the first quarter of FY 2011/12. Aircraft industry recently started to pick up, whereas the situation in the railway infrastructure business stayed unchanged stable. Demand from the building industry, which is of minor importance for voestalpine, remained subdued.

As planned the results of the second quarter of FY 2011/12 are expected to fall below the first quarter because of scheduled shut downs, necessary to complete capacity increases of core production facilities in the Steel Division.

Based on unchanged high utilization rates and further positive impacts from efficiency improvement programs, considerable increase of profits for the entire FY 2011/12 compared to FY 2010/11 can be expected.
Nevertheless any spread out of the public debt crisis and the actual nervousness of international capital markets to the real economy are serious risk factors.

Key Figures of voestalpine Group


(acc. IFRS;
in EURm)
Q1 2010/11
1.04.2010 - 30.06.2010
Q1  2011/12
1.04.2011 - 30.06.2011
Change in %
Revenue 2,556.1 3,051.5 +19.4
EBITDA 350.9 462.9 +31.9
EBITDA margin in % 13.7 15.2  
EBIT 203.3 317.6 +56.2
EBIT margin in % 8.0 10.4  
Profit before tax 156.5 271.8 +73.7
Profit for the period** 121.1 209.6 +73.1
EPS (in EUR) 0.60 1.13  
Gearing ratio in % 67.2 57.0  


* According to IFRS all results after Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)
** Before minority interest and hybrid capital interest