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Commitment of the voestalpine

Das soziale Engagement der voestalpine geht über das Wohl der Mitarbeiter, Lieferanten, Kunden und Partner hinaus. Der voestalpine-Konzern übernimmt unter anderem Verantwortung für Menschen und zukünftige Generationen durch Flüchtlingshilfe und Integration, begleitet mit zahlreichen Kooperationen viele Projekte der Kunst- und Kulturszene und setzt sich mit seinen nachhaltigen Produkten und Prozessen für den Umweltschutz ein.

As a part of society, voestalpine aims to play an active role in shaping life and development in areas where Group companies are located. This may take the form of dialog with the community, cooperation, for instance with educational establishments, local engagement, or sponsorship. Here the main focus is on promoting culture, supporting social causes, and helping in the event of any emergencies.

Through carefully chosen partnerships relating to distinctive buildings of a landmark character, voestalpine expresses its commitment to the region and uses the communicative power of major events to reach out to interested parties at an international level. voestalpine does not support any political parties or affiliated organizations.

support of refugees and integration

As a company with international operations, we view the obligation to actively provide help in this situation as a part of our corporate responsibility – both in the most hard-hit countries in the Middle East and here in Austria.

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support of refugees and integration