The Supply & Care division and its Business Care Managers are the personal points of contact for all voestalpine companies. Their task is to identify emerging demand at an early stage, understand detailed requirements and offer suitable solutions. Supply & Care ensures that all agreed services are provided on schedule and is able to provide information at every stage of the transaction concerned.

Future projects and programs will be developed in cooperation with specific voestalpine companies in line with the Group's IT strategy.

Supply & Care contributes its specialized knowledge to the development of portfolios and actively implements existing best practice solutions at voestalpine companies.

Gernot Bernecker

AG, Linz, Divisions-IT

Tel.: +43 50304 15-9488

Erwin Kaar

Linz and Böhlerwerk

Tel.: +43 50304 15-3665

Karl Lienbacher

Linz, Donawitz and Zeltweg

Tel.: +43 50304 15-6062

Gottfried Pierer


Tel.: +43 50304 22-206

Manfred Steiner

Krems and Vienna

Tel.: +43 50304 14-221