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Our mission is …

  • to encourage proximity to our customers through our local subsidiaries in Brazil, China, Germany and Sweden
  • to provide a well-balanced IT portfolio with a good mix of globally delivered (Linz) and locally delivered (subsidiaries) services
  • to support the establishment of standard services
  • to provide our customers with high quality services and to foster customer relations
  • to ensure that our processes and activities are in accordance with corporate governance

Facts and Figures ...

  group-IT SWE group-IT GER group-IT BRA group-IT CN
Sites 1 13 4 1
Employees 30 107 33 8
Supported Countries

Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

Germany, Netherlands, SouthAfrica, USA, Mexico, Indonesia,…

Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador,  Peru, Mexico and USA

 China, Singapore


How to contact us ...

Gerald Stepan

Position: Managing Director group-IT Germany and Sweden
T.: +49 211 520239102

Martin Peter Oberhauser

Position: Managing Director group-IT Brazil
T.: +55 19 3303 8425

Georg Hessel

Georg Hessel

Position: Managing Director group-IT China
T.: +43 50304 15-8177

Jeff Lu

Jeff Lu

Position: Business Care Manager
T.: +86 512 6763 1216