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voestalpine expertise

Of course every conversion raises questions and uncertainties.

  • Which one is the appropriate ZM coating in my case?
  • What is the concrete savings potential if I use corrender?
  • Is it possible to replace individually galvanized components with corrender?

voestalpine expertise

voestalpine has been making serial deliveries of corrender since 2007. This makes us the pioneer in introducing zinc-magnesium-aluminum coating to the European market. As a result of countless laboratory tests, worldwide aging tests, large-scale trials and deployments at customers, our technicians have gained a broad and comprehensive understanding of the product and its properties.

  • Corrosion tests with flat samples
  • Corrosion tests with non-formed samples
  • Corrosion tests in different atmospheres (acidic, basic, neutral)
  • Worldwide aging tests under various environmental conditions
  • Numerous industrial-scale indoor and outdoor applications
  • Industrial-scale hydrostatic tests and roll forming tests

Comprehensive consultation

Our professional specialists will be happy to assist you in making the conversion. Based on your application, environmental conditions and currently used product, our experts will give specific recommendations regarding the required ZM coating and potential savings by using corrender.

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