Numerous cross-industry series of experiments and the experience of our customers have shown that corrender exhibits a substantial increase in production process efficiency.

Reduction of forming aids

The excellent forming properties permit simple forming processes, e.g. roll forming without having to apply forming aids. This opens up new potential for higher efficiency and reduces production costs. The high-performance protective coating results in excellent processing properties that lead to considerable increases in production and processing efficiency.

Energy savings and low noise levels

The low roll resistance reduces energy consumption and noise levels.

Reduced abrasion in component manufacturing

Substantially less zinc abrasion occurs during the processing of corrender as compared to classically galvanized steel strip. Low adhesive tool wear (galling) reduces the time required for tool cleaning. This makes it possible to greatly reduce the number of cleaning intervals required and thus increase production times between cleanings.

Depending on the specific application, even 80 percent of the cleaning downtimes can be avoided.

No process changes

corrender can be processed in precisely the same way as conventionally galvanized steel strip.