Hot-dip galvanized steel strip—A new perspective

New perspectives through a high-performance protective layer increase the efficiency of your production. A powerful protective layer with numerous advantages is created through alloying small amounts of magnesium and aluminum in the zinc bath.

New perspectives through excellent corrosion protection: Meet the challenges of the market with significant quality improvement in your products and benefit from the excellent corrosion protection properties offered to you by corrender.

Excellent corrosion protection

The salt spray test shows clear signs of white rust on conventionally galvanized steel strip after only 48 hours. corrender, on the other hand, convinces with an almost white-rust-free surface for the same test duration.

The superior protective properties of corrender become particularly apparent in tests for red rust. Because a passive layer is formed, red rust formation is delayed significantly. No signs of red rust formation are recognized, even after 500 hours.

The superior protective effect of corrender leads to two possibilities:

  • Increased corrosion protection with the same metallic protective coating layer
  • Same protective effect with a significantly reduced metallic protective coating layer

Excellent workability: Fewer cleaning intervals due to less zinc abrasion

Substantially less zinc abrasion occurs during the processing of corrender as compared to classically galvanized steel strip. This makes it possible to greatly reduce the number of cleaning intervals required and thus increase production times between cleanings.

Industrial-scale tests have shown significant reductions in cleaning downtime:

Larger processing window during deep drawing.

Process reliability in the press shop is increased through the improved deep-drawing properties of corrender. The result is fewer rejects, especially in parts subjected to extensive forming, which leads to improved efficiency.

Perfectly combinable with multifunctional coatings

corrender can be excellently combined with multifunctional coating systems such as dryform® and magicform.

High-performance alternative

corrender is an interesting alternative to other products because of its excellent corrosion protection and excellent processing properties.

Comparative tests on zincZinccorrenderGalfan
Start of white rust===
Kinetics of white rust=++++
Red rust resistance (salt spray test)=+++
Red rust resistance (cyclical corrosion test)=+=
Powder paintability=++++
Cathodic corrosion protection=+=

= as good as zinc + better than zinc++ Much better than zincWorse than zinc