Convincing throughout the entire car body, even in exposed panels

The performance of corrender can be applied throughout the entire car body. Its versatility and the effectiveness of the new protective coating optimizes each component and meets every demand.

Numerous applications 

Because corrender optimizes components with high strength and surface (exposed panel) requirements, it can be used throughout the entire car body.

  • Components subject to high degrees of forming: Improved processability based on substantially enhanced tribological properties
  • Components subject to highly corrosive environments: Improved corrosion protection based on improved coating
  • Structural and interior components: Less abrasion coupled with more production efficiency
  • Exposed-panel applications with the highest surface requirements: Fewer rejects based on less abrasion and excellent paint appearance following forming.

Potential savings

The high level of corrosion protection in corrender makes it possible in many cases to reduce the metallic coating layer thickness as compared to conventionally galvanized steel strip and thus achieve savings in the car body.

Higher cathodic corrosion protection

The corrosion protection of corrender is significantly higher than that of conventionally galvanized steel strip. Automotive manufacturer tests confirm improved levels of protection when compared to Z, ZE and ZE-P coatings. The cut edges are protected by optimized electrolytic protection, even when the layer thickness is reduced.

Improved flange protection

The application of corrender in the flange results in up to 50% higher corrosion protection (VDA Test 621-415 and 233-102

Improved cosmetic corrosion performance

Significantly reduced creepage in surface scratches

Perfectly suitable for composite designs

corrender can be easily combined with other conventional materials in body construction. Customers report that corrender leads to improved corrosion protection in applications that combine steel and aluminum as well as in combinations of corrender with conventionally galvanized steel strip.