Standards and technical approvals for corrender

corrender now included in the EN 10346:2015 standard

corrender is now included in European Norm EN 10346:2015, Continuously Hot-dip Coated Steel Flat Products for Cold Forming, Technical Delivery Conditions In the course of its most recent revision, the norm was expanded to include zinc-magnesium-aluminum (ZM) alloys This allows the application of corrender wherever this standard is determined to be the norm.

Zinc-magnesium-aluminum alloys are included in both the ÖNORM M 3126 standard and Stahl-Eisen-Werkstoffblatt 22 (SEW 022).

Additional component certificate

corrender is also certified by the German Institute for Construction Engineering for the production of thin-walled, cold-formed building components.

The introduction of serial production of corrender in 2007 once again underlined the unique product and process expertise of voestalpine. Numerous lab tests, free weathering and industrial-scale applications have proven the excellent performance of corrender for applications in the construction industry. Please learn more about the product advantages (link to advantages in the House Industry.

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